Black and white photography

Black and white photography

While capturing your wedding memories in some stunning photographs, you may want to focus on the rich shades of your centerpieces and highlight the vivacious blossoms between the cake tiers and also the stunning elegant red color of the strawberries covered in chocolate. Color film may be able to make your wedding photographs vibrant. But black and white wedding photography has a lot to offer you too. Such unexpected seconds that are captured in black and white live in your mind forever, the joy and hurry in getting ready for the big day or the adorable eyes of your future husband or wife when he or she is looking at you; all these moments can be captured in the best way in black and white theme. But talking in general, you must have both color as well as black and white photography to capture all the moments that you had in your big day. Both the themes will surely define the moments in adorable manner.
What is black and wedding photography preferred for? Black and white photographs are simple, plain yet emphatic ones that can be the ideal theme for capturing emotional moments. Your eyes don’t have to focus on the colors because the image that you captured is easy to process and is really clean. You can just absorb the image while you are looking at it. It is so easy to remember it.

Basically, the black and white images can help you in focusing on the main features of any subject. You can bring the mood into direct focus. Your intimate moments, such as your first kiss or the first dance are one of the most important moments and when you talk about capturing these moments then the black and white theme tends to be the best. For intensifying these moments, the photographer can zoom in, cut out the visual clutter to bring the eyes of the groom in focus or it can focus on the tears that are rolling down the eyes of bride in happiness and excitement.
If there are any sort of imperfections in the skin that you don’t want to come in the photographs, then color film is a very bad choice. Black and white photography will help mask them. Therefore, ask your wedding photographer for a black and white coverage of your moments. Black and white photographers will help you in remembering all the great and fine details of the day, all the exciting moments, anxiety and joy will be depicted in a beautiful manner that leaves long lasting impression on your minds. All these preparations can be best captured in black and white and once the gown, hair and makeup all are perfect then color can be used too.

One more advantage that the black and white images can provide you is the less duration. It is very easy to print down the black and white photographs but a bit more expensive. The price is worth it because special archival fiber paper can hold the black and white images for many years while color can fade out. So, think if your grandchildren see your wedding photographs where your face is still peeking out and depicting the same joy that you had when you were actually present on the big day whereas the color photos can degenerate faster.

How to choose the best wedding photographer for your special day

How to choose the best wedding photographer for your special day

Wedding is probably the most important day in anybody’s life. This is the day that changes your life from within. But well, there is one thing about this day that is really unfortunate. That one thing is the time limit of this day, wedding is after all just one day. What afterwards? Memories! Here comes the part where you can make it fortunate. You can preserve the happenings of the entire event in a really gorgeous and stunning manner and make the moments everlasting. The fun and party- all will be stored forever in the form of memories that you can cherish whenever you want to. This all can happen only if you hire the right wedding photographer. The expertise of photographer should be so extraordinary that upon seeing one picture, you immediately start remembering your blissful event.

So, hire the perfect photographer for your wedding and get one perfect album that will then be your coffee table book. But, the thing is that how to choose the photographer that can have such depth in his captured clicks? How to choose the right wedding photographer? You will surely have to make quite some efforts before hiring anyone. So, here are some of the tips that shall help you in choosing the right wedding photographer.

As soon as you get engaged, you should start searching for your wedding photographer. This will allow you enough time to go through certain options and finally hire the perfect one. Do note that there are some professional photographers that may book their schedule even a year ago in advance. Therefore, you have to note this down, “the search for right photographer” in the first things of your checklist that you set after setting the date. You must have at least 6 months before you find the photographer of your dreams.

The reputable wedding photographers surely have something extraordinary. A good way to wind a wedding photographer is by searching online about the best wedding photographer in your area. Among the choices, you can go to the reviews of people about him and see the old clicks of the photographer. See if the photographer has his own website or at least a blog and check out his potential. You will be able to figure out whether he is the one you had been looking for.

Your network and friends circle can also help you in choosing the right one. Just ask your friends to show you their wedding albums and see some quality clicks, if there are any.

You can also get some recommendations from your wedding planners, limousine drivers and the venue managers. They always have such contacts.

Make a possible list of your top chosen photographers. Now it is time to compare them and choose the best one. Take an in-depth look upon their services and check out the environment where they have done their work in the past for example, if you are going to have a beach wedding, then the outdoor photographer would be the best possible choice. Do check out your budget as well.

Traditional Kiwi Wedding

Traditional Kiwi Wedding

Most of the time weddings in New Zealand are traditional church weddings, with the bride in a beautiful white wedding gown and the groom in a stylish black tuxedo with the custom bow tie. It is considered unlucky for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony so they meet at the altar. Normally the bride’s father gives her away. A traditional church wedding is really beautiful with many so many scenes worth remembering that it is necessary to get a great photographer unless you want all your memories to be ruined. Letunovskiy Photography and Video specializes in weddings and thus know exactly what moments to look for and how to capture them. Be it the best man’s speech, the bride throwing the bouquet, or the happy couple dancing, you can be sure that justice will be done to every moment of the reception ceremony. We also offer candid shots of the bride and the groom.

Not any less beautiful is the traditional Maori wedding in which all the ancient Maori traditions and customs are followed to the point that the wedding rings are made of bone or greenstone. These have their own intricacies which need to be taken into account, and we at Letunovskiy Production know them all. All details are carefully analyzed to discern which type of photography package should be deployed and that is why our wedding shoots are always amazing.
The third traditional kiwi wedding is of course the civil wedding. These can take place indoors in some hall or a jaw dropping background like a cliff. Such outdoor weddings are perfectly captured from the air and that is why we offer aerial photography too. We have our own specialized unmanned aerial vehicles to do this difficult task. Of course the whole process is optimized for wedding photography and videography. The vehicles are handled by expert controllers so you do not have to worry about accidental crashes or botched up shots. If you are considering having a traditional Maori wedding then Letunovskiy Photography and Video is the right choice for the job.

Whatever theme is followed in a traditional kiwi wedding, there is one component which is present in all of them. The party! The party is the most important part of any wedding since it gives both families a chance to socialize and bond with each other. The party needs to be shot in close detail for the best effect and that is why we give special attention to parties.

It is very difficult to capture the essence of any wedding into pictures and that is why many wedding pictures end up looking stale and without life. Letunovskiy Photography and Video however, put special effort into making sure that the pictures express the love and fun in the party. People say that a wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. So wedding pictures are the most important pictures and they need to be special in order to make that day memorable for the rest of a person’s life. You deserve that special photo shoot. To get what you deserve, schedule an appointment today!